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Création d'entreprise

Nous vous accompagnons tout au long de la création de votre entreprise.

Le Groupe Fondeco vous décharge des contraintes administratives pour la création de votre entreprise. Nos juristes vous conseillent sur les meilleures options pour votre activité. Vous n'aurez aucune démarche à entreprendre.

Conseil personnel

Nos juristes sont spécialisés dans la création d'entreprise tous secteurs confondus.

Contrats importants

Lancez-vous en toute sécurité avec nos contrats types  et contrats sur mesure.

Ouverture d'entreprise

Nous rédigeons les actes constitutifs et les authentifions auprès de notre notaire.


Obligations légales

Inscription à la TVA, aux assurances sociales. Nous gérons les démarches administratives en fonction de vos besoins.

Compte de consignation

Nous pouvons ouvrir pour vous votre compte de consignation auprès de nos banques partenaires.


Adresse e-mail, nom de domaine, site Internet. Soyez visible immédiatement et sans effort.



Vous avez des questions ?

Parlons de votre projet !


Questions les plus fréquentes

  • What authorizations are required to buy a restaurant?
    In itself, there is no authorization necessary to buy a restaurant except to have the financial means. However, obtaining the transfer of the commercial as well as obtaining the authorization to operate are subject to specific conditions.
  • How long does the acquisition process take?
    The average is about 4 months. Sometimes, we have carried out transactions within a period of less than 1 month and we have already had to wait almost 12 months to complete a relatively delicate transmission. The acquisition process may be subject to limiting factors (eg the search for financing, obtaining the transfer of the lease, the final financial negotiations). As a result, the preparation, upstream, of a complete file, in particular the preparation of reliable figures, is an essential action in the context of such a process.
  • Which of the above steps is the most important?
    According to our practical experience, it is the analysis of the company and compliance with standards (due-diligence).
  • In what form to buy a goodwill?
    The goodwill can be acquired either by the purchase of assets (furniture, equipment, right to lease, customers, etc.) or by the purchase of the existing company (purchase of shares for the Sàrl or purchase of shares for the SA).
  • What are the obstacles and risks?
    Buying a business is not without risk. Rather than ignoring them, we must anticipate them in order to manage them. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most common obstacles: fear of getting started, quality of the files prepared, lack of information, communication.
  • What is the role of the acquisition specialist within the Fondeco Group?
    The main players in a business acquisition project are: a business transfer specialist, trustees, legal and tax advisors, sometimes other stakeholders when there are significant issues in the matter. The transmission specialist plays a key role in guaranteeing the best possible coordination between the various stakeholders and advising the buyer on important decisions occurring during the process: legal advice, contract negotiations between the parties, representation of key figures, etc. /p>
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